Japan Trip Day 7 - Akasaka and Shinjuku

>>  15.12.11

Sorry it took a while to continue blogging about my trip, which I already forgot which train which we took to Akasaka. Xd
*I will check my book again and update it soon.

Unfortunately it was a very foggy morning on that day, and a bit drizzling (after the night before).

I saw this on my guide book and so I decided to go to the Zojo-ji Temple.

Jizo statues

The little girl was so cute. Her father took forever to take photo of them, and she started nibbling the package that she's carrying because she was getting hungry. Her mother, while laughing, was saying to her "Tabenaiyoo~" (meaning= don't eat).

After that we walked (or say climbing up? XD ) to see Tokyo Tower. I did not get a good shot there as it was too foggy. *wailing
But I decided to go up to the Main Observatory as I was there already anyway. The tickets wasn't cheap. Especially now they are building Sky Tree that will be open in next year. But I think I prefer Tokyo Tower, maybe due to the comics that I have been reading.

my new boots :3

view to the top structure from the 4th storey

The loots from the souvenir shop:

strawberry and green tea mocha - very delicious and cute!

Chopper - Tokyo Tower's King Kong style

Petite Caramel Profiteroles

After that we headed to Ginza, because my book recommended a nice sushi restaurant there. I wanted to got to Tsukiji market; but we can't possibly wake up in the morning! XD
Again due to my poor planning, the restaurant was not open on that day (it was a Sunday). But we met an amazing Metro officer who not only showing us the way, but he also walked with us to the other restaurant which he recommended: Tsukiji Sushi Sen.

We ate:

Aburi Zukushi (Various Seared Fish):
Toro Basashi (Horse), Bintoro (Albacore), Salmon, Hotate (Scallop), Ohtoro (Tuna)

Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp), Salmon, Hotate (Scallop), Tennen Hon Maguro (Tuna), Katsuo (Bonito)

Marugoto Kanijiro (Crab Miso Soup)

I didn't know that fresh wasabi is not that spicy! It was very cooling and refreshing! We also tried Clam Miso Soup (my mom's) and two different types of chawanmushi, but I didn't take any photo of them. We walked off with bulging tummies afterwards, but happy!

not-so crowded Ginza (since it was a Sunday XD)

Then last stop for the day: Shinjuku.
Just a quick stop to Takashimaya / Kinokuniya / Tokyu Hands there. We only stopped for a coffee drink there, we didn't shop any because we were getting tired and we carried quite a lot of goodies.

Another unhealthy dinner: a few pieces of Gyoza (Seibu night's sale) and mont blanc! I actually prefer this one rather than the one I ate previously. And the gyoza... I think I regret not eating more!


Sans! December 15, 2011 at 11:08 PM  

Teehee Tabenaiyo! Can you imagine if someone kept saying that to us?

Love all your pics on the food!!!! The one with the little girl is precious ! A little sad that your Japan tour is finished. I really love reading your entries on Japan!

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