Japan Trip Day 8 - Ueno and Kaiseki Dinner!

>>  15.12.11

This was our last day at Japan. :) We have checked out from the hotel first thing in the morning and asked them to keep our luggages at the hotel's concierge.

We took the JR Yamanote Line to Ueno. And first stop is Bentendo Temple. It was under renovation :( but we still managed to get inside the temple itself. I bought myself a charm (yes, I tried to collect a charm for every shrine that I visited).

unfortunately he was not ready yet! it would be great to eat oden in the cold weather though :(

Then we continued walking to Hanazono Inari to see this beautiful rows of red gates.

Again, the main shrine was under renovation! T_T

more thousands origami cranes!

Panda Mailbox!

Panda Bun, we didn't try one though

It would be nice if we have brought some bento and enjoy the breeze at Ueno Park, especially when there's a bunch of them in the JR station. A must to do when we go there next time! ;)
And then we decided to go back to Ikebukuro and do some last minute walking through Seibu and Parco.

Pierre Hermes' Ispahan! OvO
super duper delicious with the sweet fresh raspberry!

Shrimp Crackers

We headed back to our hotel and enjoyed a Kaiseki dinner at Hanamusashi. There was no English menu, but we ordered the recommended full course Tsuki Kaiseki. The set was served with rice, miso, and pickle just before dessert was serve.

Everybody in the restaurant was enjoying the food slowly; unlike us (luckily we sat in separate rooms) who were busy taking photo and jotting down the menu. Of course we did enjoy the food, but maybe too fast? XD

apple juice (side order) and Umeshu

deep fried shrimp and veggie

cold dish appetizer

chestnut & sesame tofu in soup


grilled meat and veggie with miso paste

shimmered daikon & crab meat

stone grilled seafood

fruit jelly;
the highlight was a small melon piece that is very very delicious!

the set was closed with a hot ocha

After dinner, we packed our luggage again and waited for our limousine bus to Haneda airport (about 45 minutes?). We did some more last minute shopping at the airport before time to board. My mom bought some Royce chocolate which are cheaper than the one here in Singapore; the nama chocolate was about $11 compared to Singapore's $15 each. The only worry was the icepack since our flight took about 7 hours.

am going to make these in minis! :3

And that's all about my trip to Japan! I am definitely going there in the future. I enjoyed everything despite this was my first free and easy trip. Especially since I could have more time to enjoy the things that I want rather than being timed by a tour guide. :)

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Sans! December 15, 2011 at 11:03 PM  

We got the same green tea Kit Kat as souvenirs from Marg's little niece. Look better than it taste..haha!

Love your pictures, my fav are those of the cranes and the one with you and the Panda mailbox. :)

asukasakumo December 16, 2011 at 2:25 PM  

Haha, really? I haven't try one yet, but Cindy seems to like it. And you might have guess, we want to make them in minis!

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