Fairy Tale Cookies

>>  12.6.12

Oh no! My book has been bitten!

Tehehe, don't worry, it's only my new cookie packaging. :)

Remember my Alice Cupcakes? Besides them I have a lot of the cookies ready to be packed. Rather than a normal box, I wanted to design something else. And since the inspiration comes from a fairy tale book, why not a "book" packaging? And to emphasize it is a cookie packaging, the corner is bitten! :)

Tadaaa! Revealing the cookies inside :)

the complete scale 1:12 fairy tale series

the details

scale 1:4

I am using my original illustrations to make the cover, re-drawing it in vector. I have also added in another 5 classic fairy tales. (Actually I wanted more designs!) And so I have:
- Alice in Wonderland
- Red Riding Hood
- Cinderella
- Little Mermaid
- Snow White
- Wizard of Oz
- Little Prince
- Pinocchio
- Peter Pan
- Hansel and Gretel

As you might have noticed I only have the Alice in Wonderland's cookies ready. I will also be designing and making the other cookies soonish (perhaps after my book and exhibition done :) ).

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