Happy Holidays

>>  31.1.13

... including both that I've missed and coming Chinese New Year :)

It feels hard to write any new post after for quite awhile, I can't seem to find a good topic to talk about.
I am still recovering, and that is a good news that I can tell you (I hope). It's the first time that I have to rest completely without doing anything (not even minis!) and stays at home most of my time except for hospital visits . Well, I still played on my new phone though (b'day present from my mom :))

My shop will be open again on 18th February and (for now) delivery every Saturday morning only.
And if possible, one of the weekdays.

The reason is because I am still not confident to do much traveling yet, I've also just come back to my day job recently and things are picking up. So I hope any of you can understand. :)
That is it for now. The next post will be about 1:4 scale osechi box that I am working on (or continuing again) and a short review on Modena clay.

P.S. please follow me at http://instagram.com/asukasakumo/ where you can see my WIP works :)


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