Welcoming Miss Ayame

>>  14.2.13

Last week's Tuesday, I came home; tired and restless, but was happy to find this big box waiting for me at home. :)
I was very anxious; because I was planning for this holiday without knowing when she will come or nobody was at home to receive the package. (Or probably because someone got her doll already XD hehehehe).
*Sorry for the low quality/ blur photo; I was in quite a rush to take her out!

flip over to see the Dollzone cover!

the full outfit that came with her

the default shoes

ears and tail... hmmm, lacking of those crazy bubble wrap though!

nice lace padding!

uups, this is how she came... no bubble wraps??

Anzu hugging her for the first time

this is what makes me fall in love with her :)

magnets for the ears

her right eye is kind of jutting out, need some sanding i guess

magnet for her tail

And I named her Ayame! (meaning: Iris flower)

just a little bit of webbing on her left paw

So for those who wonder more about her; I bought the full set plus body blushing. She almost have no seam at all except on her left paw as you can see in the photo above. And no bubble wraps! Lucky that she arrived in good condition... but kind of surprising since usually they go crazy with the bubble wrapping. The default skirt are made of from rough material (forgive me but I don't know the name of it; sort of a rough mess for common party dress). Since I ordered her with body blushing, I put her skirt very carefully once for the photo shoot, and take it off again immediately.

Another thing that I don't like is her wig. Although the color is very nice.... but the quality is just bad. The strands of hair keep on falling off every time I want to stylize it. In the end I am buying more wigs and drain more of my savings despite me saying that I won't buy much for my dolls anymore... but yeah, you can't seem to stop hehehehe XD

I compared her using some of YOSD accessories that I have bought previously. (I did plan to buy YOSD before, but changed my mind once I saw Ayame :)) But a gentle reminder that I have not compare her body with a real YOSD body yet, so I may be wrong in some areas. Her shoulder seems to be much smaller, although the length of common YOSD clothing suit her. Her hips feels a bit tight although her waist is very small. YOSD sized shoes are too big for her, but it still look matching to me. Her own shoes that came with her is a bit tight actually.

My next project is to make a yukata for her! Not really sure if I want to make 1:6 scale food for her, since she is supposed to be a child. :)


The Old Maid February 15, 2013 at 12:26 AM  

She's cute!
How long did you wait for her? Over here it takes months for DZ doll to arrive...
Enjoy her!

asukasakumo February 15, 2013 at 1:44 PM  

Hi Ewa :)

I waited for her almost 1 and a half months (or maybe more) mabye because I ordered the body blushing. Are any of your doll from DZ too? Sorry I am not too familiar with all the models.

The Old Maid February 22, 2013 at 2:09 AM  

Sorry to reply only now.:) Yes, my Lawrence Orest Lannon is DZ Megi - my first BJDoll. I have waited for him...3 or 4 months and now whey I thought about ordering little Raphael their agent in Poland said I would have to wait just the same or more.....I wonder why sooo long?;)

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