Scale 1:4 Osechi Finished!

>>  22.2.13

Finally I have time to blog about the 1:4 osechi. :)
If you read my previous post (about half a year ago), you might notice that the box above and the one before are different. Yep, I made another box. Midway of doing the filling for this osechi box, I feel that the box would be too large. Then I decided to make another smaller box, and leave the old one for a 1:3 scale osechi.
I've also made a 1:12 osechi and 1:24 osechi before.

The painting is a nightmare! But I have plenty of times during my hospital leave, and at that time making this seems to be the simplest way to spend the time. I almost gave up halfway though... and just last week I'd noticed that I missed a golden center for one of the flower painting! Arrrggghhh....
Anyway, it is now fixed. :)

it's like a puzzle box!

all 3 layers displayed

I also made 2 pairs of chopsticks :)

1st layer

2nd layer

3rd layer

in Anzu's hand (MSD)

Anzu trying to pick the salmon roe

Ayame also wanted to be included, so here she is :)

Ayame can't use chopstick though, hehehe...

I also made both yukata :) Both were hand-sewn, leaving my whole arm and shoulder aching again. Maybe I should consider buying a sewing machine instead. *jealous at someone, tehehehehe XD
There are few things that I want to blog about, but I don't have enough time yet. Please be patient with me. :)

P.S. I have re-opened my online shop (both etsy and the books etc), for the moment I can only promise that I will do delivery once a week. Thank you for the understanding, because my RL is busier right now, and I still need to adjust few other things. :)


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