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>>  27.4.13

Yay, I got an update! I hope you are as excited when reading this post as I am writing it. :)
And I have been promising to do this review for a long long time, but I haven't really got the time to do it. I really hate to say it but yeah... work has been increasing ever since I changed job and my health is also not helping at all. T∆T;

Anyway let's get on with the modena review... or maybe I should say with my opinion while working with it :) I will still suggest you to try it yourself (if you like to) to know how to work with it.
My modena packs are still the old packaging; I bought them at the end of 2011 if I'm not wrong. Always wanted to try them out, but had to delay the plan since I was busy writing my tutorial book. Didn't include them in the book either, because at that time I got zero experience with it.

When I first open the package, modena feels more or less as soft as Grace; and not as sticky. I tried to make plates, cups, and bowls using it and totally fell in love with the result. It "falls" in to the mold very easily, even to the smallest impression. And when I missed a few, just add more clay to the gap and it was also easy to smoothen it out.

the shrinkage

and it's very flexible

I am pretty much loving the result. Although another challenge might proves it otherwise. When I was making the 1:4 scaled baby octopus for my osechi, I thought the elasticity of Modena could help "curl" its tentacles. You can see below is the comparison, left side is 50% Grace +50% Modena while the right side is pure Grace.

If you see closely, the one with the Modena mix breaks apart and not smooth. It was not because the clay is too dry when I was shaping it. Usually I don't mind because I can leave it to dry and fix it with wet clay later on. Then on this part where I got frustated while working on it. Modena easily absorb any water and makes some part "breaks" apart; even more than Grace. I tried using less water, but it didn't work for me. And that was why I gave up and made another batch of the baby octopus using Grace only.

But I am still hoping I can find a good use for Modena :)

Out of topic; earlier this week I've managed to find my books at Kinokuniya! Copies are available in all the 3 branches of Kinokuniya Singapore in the English Craft Section. For other Asian countries, you can contact Kinokuniya to make a special order through them! :)


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