Alice Cupcake and Cookies are now available in the store!

>>  27.4.13

These few listing are now available at!
Be sure to check them out while the store promotions are still on!

The simple rules:
Enter this code when you are checking out to enjoy the discount off (minus shipping fee) :D
PROMO10 - for 10% off from minimal USD50 purchase
PROMO15 - for 15% off from minimal USD100 purchase

Valid from now to 31st May 2013.

As you can see, I changed the box designs to a matchbox-like-design. Just because I want to make something new :)
Wanted to make it with handle... but for now these will do.

And another few extra things in the shop, like these milk packs. They are smaller than the previous design that I've made, with only 8mm width!

and the 1:3 scale milk pack on Ayame's hand!


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