Crazy Summer Sale

>>  6.6.13

I hope you don't mind me calling this as a Crazy Summer Sale ;)
Please don't miss this chance; I will list more things once the current one sold. In the need to clear stocks and make more funding (reasons below ;) ).

Simply enter these code to enjoy the promotion on my shops:

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Terms & Conditions:
- valid from June 7th, 2013 until July 26th, 2013 subject to stocks availability
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- coupon can only be used in the respective sites
- I will refund any of the excess shipping (combine shipping)
- shipping day will be every Tuesday and Saturday


Personal rambling that you might want to skip off here and just go to either one of my shop. ;)

It has been a month since I quit my day job, because in the end I simply thought it was no longer worth staying for. If you follow me on instagram you might have seen that I was building a new dollhouse. The dollhouse will be the next post, and hopefully by then I can decide how I want to decorate the dollhouse kitchen.

Before building the dollhouse, I was also sewing few dozens of miniature pillows from my fabric stash (Pinky promise will take photo of them soon! :D) If you follow my blog, maybe you will notice that usually I start sewing when I am stressed out the most. Hahahaha, if only I notice this sooner. T.T;

But the good news I can tell you is finally.... FINALLY... both my doctor and physiotherapist "declared" that I do not need further therapy. I am making a promise to myself to swim on every Saturday for self-therapy.

More decision that I have made:
1. Joining another local Doll Event at Scape on November 10th, 2013 with Snowfern again! More details should be available soon.
2. Being a crazy fan-girl who will go across the sea for the first time XD
3. Being a student again; as I am planning to attend summer class/ home stay in Japan.

Hoping all my plans will go well, and if all is well I will be gone for at least 5-6 weeks. I hope before then I can have less things in my current room in case that I have to leave for so long. And hopefully by the time of the Doll Event, I will have new things to show as well.


The Old Maid June 6, 2013 at 2:50 PM  

Good for you! Keeping my fingers crossed for your plans! Hope to see some photos from doll event and your trip! :)

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