Sukiyaki, Oden, and more Japanese food - dollhouse sized of course

>>  6.12.13

Imagine a hot-hearty-soup in a cold night. Oden is just perfect for those days! And while I can't make the real food as easily, I made it in 1:12 scaled! This is a re-make from one of the project from my book. And it is available here.

Sukiyaki is one of my dad's favourite. His version is a little bit different than the way Japanese eat it, that is to dip the cooked meat and veggies into raw egg mixture. But they are all delicious anyway :)
Another re-make from my book's project; I deliberately put the chopstick as it's picking out the cooked meat. You can view all the measurement here.

And who could resist sushi? Although I know some of my friend do actually scared of eating raw food. But for me, it's one of the rare time that I would actually eat seafood! *ignore my rambling XD *

I designed the takoyaki boxes too :D
If you remember my taiyaki, you can see the cat was nibbling on the taiyaki. So this time, the logo is where the cat is nibbling on the takoyaki!


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