St. Honore, Eclairs, and their simple boxes

>>  6.12.13

I made these St. Honore awhile back... but finally I complete them with their crimped casing and simple box, enough for 2 pieces to fit. Visit them here.
But after I complete folding the boxes, I am wondering whether if it's too simple? This will do for now... but guessing my habit, I will re-visit and re-design the boxes again.

the back flap is not glued, so the dolls (or whoever "eat" it) can easily take the cake out!

I made the matching ones for the eclairs. They are only glued to the crimped paper casing but not to the box.
Below is the bakery paper packaging; each bag fit 6 pieces of chocolate almond covered croissants.

 Last but not least, here is rainbow colored rose meringues! Inside the plastic packaging, they are actually loose pieces (although I wouldn't recommend anyone to open the package :D)

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