Akira working part-time in butler cafe

>>  29.6.14

It all started with this photo.
If any of you have noticed, I always have the soft spot for cute things. And I end up buying cute things for my dolls too. Akira is no exception; even when he is the only male doll and joke to my friends that he is being bullied in that sense.

But the hello kitty cup (with a huge pink ribbon) is just too much for him. He refuse to have it. Hehehe...

And yesterday I went to a doll outing with some friends. I decided to dress him as if he is working part-time in a butler cafe; a version of cafe known mostly to anime fans. I don't know if everybody understand the terms; if you want to know more, just do a google search to more info :3

The story was actually coincidental, while I was playing with the hot chocolate and donuts that I made recently. And of course, my friends (and friends' dolls) coincidentally fit into a storyline.

Akira: "this is not for me, right?"

"for you, lovely customer"

"be careful, it's hot"

during recess time, a hot choco drink for himself

"more marshmallows, please"

"these donuts looks yummy!"

"can i get a chance to talk to her if i offer these donuts?

Akira: "would you like to have some donuts?"
Calleigh: "errrm, i have to go..."

Akira: T.T

the ladies were having fun by themselves

Akira: "okay, I'll just have a sip of my coffee then..."

the next day: back to babysit Ayame :3

On the personal note: his string on the hip are loose, he couldn't stand properly. I have to re-string him! So yes, I only can make him sit during the doll outing, and couldn't join the rest who play and pose their dolls. T.T

Anyway, here are the hot choco drinks that are still available. Meaning to sell these on the upcoming doll event in November. But if any of you readers want to reserve, kindly contact me so I will also know if I have to stock more!

And on the side note, this is a balloon skirt + simple top that I sew for Ayame few weeks ago, to fit with her cutesy image.


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