Animal-themed DONUTS!

>>  29.6.14

1:12 donuts having conference meeting :3

Second title: making failures!

When I met and chat with new people, sometimes they just do not believe that I also still make failures. I always answer honestly that I do make A LOT of mistake and failures, but it's just I seldom show/blog/talk to other about it. Believe me, my bestfriend can testify to it (mostly because she became the outlet of the failure).
And during those failure-making-moments; I am at the crankiest, most annoying, mostly nonsense-talking. If I can wear a sign on my forehead: "do not approach; may explode anytime possible".

I have to learn to walk away, shift my mind to another thing, and come back to it when I can be more calm. But sometimes that advice couldn't work; I can't just walk away. It is the only thing that fills my whole brain; MUST get it done. But by doing that... is just creating more failures. Oooh, I know it well because I have to learn it the hard way. I am used to chuck-away massive amount of failures to rubbish bin; simply just because it's painful to see all the failures.

Same thing with illustrating. I do envy people who can do a quick sketch, finishing up an illustrations much quicker than my speed. But then again... I am sure they might also have the frustrating moments of themselves, it's just that other people never see how much chaos behind it.

Back to these donuts :)
They took me a week (full of complains) before I got them done from the sketches.
I am having trouble with having a smooth colour-coating on the donuts. I did them same like what people would have done with the real donuts, dipped them onto the coating, flip them and leave them to dry. I wanted them to be as smooth as possible; but then again... real donuts are not that smooth either :3
Too smooth makes them look too fake; despite the fact that I am making a fake food! Hahaha, the irony...

from left: penguin, blue whale, seal, cow, pig, tiger, shiba inu, and tanuki (racoon)

Finally I can have fun with the arrangements; big to small stackable donuts!
The largest being 1:3 scale for SD dolls, 1:4 for MSD, and 1:12 for dollhouse collectors. Some are not complete, because I did not make a complete set for sale and I made some only for myself.

tiger, cow, pig

penguin, seal, and whale

shiba inu, chocolate cat, and tanuki (shape-shifting racoon)

scale 1:3 donuts on my hands

I did some photoshoot yesterday during a doll outing with friends. I've brought Akira out, and he poses with some of the donuts and hot chocolate marshmallows that I did recently. Decided to blog it on a different post because it includes a simple cute story :3

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