1:4 and 1:12 Scaled Cookie Boxes

>>  13.1.10

I am hooked into making these mini biscuit and instant drink packaging now. Even though I can't really sell them because of they are copyrighted product.

It all started when I first make the Mad Tea Party Tea Set, which I bought from Disneyland last year. When I saw them, I was thinking "Finally I can make a tea boxes for my dolls!". Haha, actually last time I didn't have any dolls yet, but kept thinking that someday I will buy. :) Now, I am making 1:4 scaled items too. I am planning to save up to buy my own LittleFee! (am going off to bug Snowfern about it again XP)

But actually making the tea set was very hard work! Especially when you want them to be openable like the real one. Each set took about a day each!

(Maybe because recently I decided to torture myself?) LoL

So after chatting with Snowfern, we decided to trade something. Remember her pocky?
Afterward we keep on chatting about making other japanese snack too; the "collon" and "almond". But now I can't stop making them! I bought more and more snacks just to scan the packaging, even though I don't really eat them much.

As you can guess, now my room are stacked with more snacks than I usually can eat. =.=

I almost forgot! Today I was featured in local chinese newpaper together with Snowfern! *blush*
I haven't bought my copy yet, as I'm still lazying around in my room and editing the new photoes. XP But those of you who are interested, Snowfern did post (and translate it into english) here! Thank you so much! *blush again*
It's been a while since I was interviewed (but the pictures of myself always look that nervous >,<;). But it is my first time interviewed for my miniature though. :)


Miniature Patisserie Chef January 14, 2010 at 1:13 PM  

Hey Asuka,

Hope you don't mind, it will be funny if I chop off your photo and just leave the article there. But if you are uncomfortable, let me know, I'll do it still :)

Congrats too!

The food boxes are TOO lovely!!

Pei Li

asukasakumo January 15, 2010 at 4:57 PM  

@Pei Li: I think you become one of the person who enjoys seeing me becoming a tomato. >///< LoL

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