Before the big "O" came...

>>  9.1.10

And I did a lot of "huh?", head-scratching, eye squinting.

Some of who might read that I gave up on sewing. But due to some reason, I decided to torture myself with it. XP

They are bigger than what I have planned to make. But these are the smallest size of fabric that I manage to hold them between my fingers. Yeah, pretty frustrated with the size because they seems giant size for 1:12 scale. But I guess they make good dolls for my future 1:4 dolls? LoL

The goldfish isn't finished yet, as you can see: no eyes. But I wanted to show that my sewing are a lot better than the first two.

So yeah, once again. I decided to torture myself into making things that seems impossible for me at the moment. I chose to do these, instead of hiding myself. *exhale a deep breath*
Maybe some of you can help me? Please give me any suggestions of any coming projects that I should do which I haven't touch yet? Maybe a bento-related items?
Thank you in advance. :)

Just wrote another FAQ on my deviantart journal.
There was someone who asked me questions. And when I told her that she could read it from my blog, she wrote on her page that I'm a crap(?)
I get it that some people misunderstood me a lot since they never really know me in real life. >,<;


Unknown January 10, 2010 at 8:11 AM  


I LOVE THE GOLDFISH ONE!! I WANT!!!!! please let me know when you have that for sale ^ ^ i don't care if it's eyes-less, i like them anyway XD

and the lamb is kawaii!~ sooo tiny OMG i expected them to be a bit larger frankly.

as to suggestions for sewing/foods.... for sewing, i have found that sometimes using the larger tweezers (forceps? quite cheaply available at pharmacies) help with sewing small items (i used to sew small dolls as a child, not as small as yours of course) and IRONING. to maintain nice seams, it's important to iron.

if you're attempting to get the dolls to smaller sizes, i would suggest fabric glue and stiffiner, the latter to keep edges from fraying, the earlier to hold seams together while you stitch. if they're SUPER small you might not even need to stitch, the glue should hold well enough.

for foods...i think maybe more varieties like saba set, kani set, with some of your beautiful flowers in the background, as if it were a full japanese banquet (since you do them so well and with ease)

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