SOY'B' 2010

>>  13.1.10

Yay! I will be exhibiting again!!! And this time I will be selling both my illustrations and miniature clay!
click here for more info; as I haven't received more details on it yet.

Yes, I did re-print some of my best-selling postcards and posters.
postcard size is 9 x 14 cm
poster size is 18 x 28 cm
(please drop your e-mail on the comment box if you are interested in any other size / early booking)

And of course I will sell my miniature clay! Above is my kakigori (japanese ice-shaved dessert) that made it into the big page on the newspaper! I haven't scanned the newspaper yet, but you can see them on Snowfern's page. ^^

I am promising myself to not make any new items for sale (as I still have a lot of stocks!), but now my head is full of valentine sweet dessert ideas!


Yvonne January 14, 2010 at 3:28 AM  

Congratulations for being in the papers :0) I stumbled upon your etsy store and it leads me to your blog :0))

Just finished reading your blog and I find it really interesting, especially about how you ended up at some stores in Singapore.

I just discovered clay miniatures recently and love to admire them (but not make them, lol).

Looking forward to see more beautiful works created by you. Have a great day!


Shiri January 15, 2010 at 12:14 AM  

Beautiful photos! Delicious looking miniatures <3

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