Changing the Layout of My Blog! ^^

>>  19.1.10

Don't run away! Hehehe, finally I changed the layout of my blog.
(Psst, don't worry, you are not the only one in shock. I am waking up and confused how to scroll around my blog too. XD)

Hopefully you can read my blog easily now. I'm not very good to any computer stuff, so if you spot anything strange, please tell me?
Yeah, I know the header seems strange for now. I'm planning to draw something else soon.

At least, finally, I can say that I keep on my promise to make more Japanese Miniature Food!

I haven't really thought how to arrange the onigiris yet. Because unlike my past bentos that were based on other's people real bento, these are made based on my daydreams. I am planning to make a full set of animal-themed-food each. It's a long plan without any deadline, just pray that I won't get side-tracked.

And since last year, I was planning to make strawberry plant! I want to make them hanging out from a tin can (drooling over Japanese sites again). Maybe I need to plan about making the tin can soon. It was fun to poke and poke into the tiny strawberries. I'm not very sure about the scale, each strawberry is around 2-3mm long. But I really like to make them small, because usually the big one are not that "perfect". (Yes, I'm confusing you with the real strawberries!)

Back to work again! ^^


Ascension January 19, 2010 at 2:30 AM  

Es una maravilla!!!!!, no se como puedes hacer esas cosas tan pqueƱitas y te queden tan bien!!!!, felicidades.Me encanta pasar por tu blog, aprendo muchisimo.besitos ascension

Yvonne January 19, 2010 at 1:39 PM  

Nothing strange on your blog. you are not the only one having problems with your blog. I've been having it since i started. Changed the template twice and lost everything. Now, I just leave it alone and still having problems with my paragrahing, lol!

I've never seen these kind of new miniatures before! They are really lovely!

Yes, you are certainly confusing me with hte real strawberries. They look so real. I still can't get what this one is but I have to say they are really gorgeous! I love to admire beautiful crafts.

You are not the only one drooling over Japanese sites, lol!! They do have tons of beautiful crafts and they are so good at making traditional crafts into something modern and still keeping them traditional. Lovely!

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