Singapore's Chinese New Year

>>  17.1.10

2007 Chinese New Year at River Valley
photoes by me (Asuka / Cloudy)

I am a perfectionist. Sometimes I'm too fuzzy that even none of my families and friends can bear with me.
I'm sure that some of you may notice that side of mine. That is why I don't really share my work in progress. Not because I keep it as a secret, but I have DONE a lot of mistake which put me in a very bad mood. (Most of my friends learn how to close their ears when I'm in "that mood" XD)

But once in a while, there are times that even the most careful person decided to go "bungee jumping". :D

I took the photoes two years ago for my extra photography class. The score on the photography class did not affect the regular class at all. But I force myself to take the class, even when it means more works to do. Being a student with a lot of deadlines, the only time that I could relax was on the bus (on the way to destination) and I often sleep on the way.

At first I planned to go to Chinatown, as I was sure that the decorations would be grand. I haven't know my way in Singapore that much (although it improves by now :)), I only know that I should take which bus to go there since I went once with my Singaporean friend. But since I was too tired, I found no harm in sleeping on the way.
When I woke up, I saw some chinese decoration light and I thought I DID arrived. So I quickly ran down and take out my camera. Suddenly I froze up...

"Where AM I?"

I panicked. Then I saw the next bus could take another 20 minutes to arrive and it's already late. Having no other choice, I just thought "do or die!" LoL

When I showed the photoes in front of the class, everybody (even my teacher) were very surprised. They asked me how did I know where to take the photoes (some of them went to Chinese Garden). I wanted to explain, but after a minute of deep thinking, my face turned tomato and all I can say was just "by luck?" (I thought of saying "by getting lost" but it embarrassed me too much. XP)

So yeah, that's pretty much of how I can manage to survive here in Singapore. XD
I am planning to go back during Chinese New Year, after the exhibition. But I haven't decide anything for sure. (And I already broke a lot of promise to myself! XP)


Yvonne January 17, 2010 at 2:15 PM  

LOL!! I really love about your waking up in the bus, wake up and ask yourself 'where am I!!??'. It is not so easy here where I am living, to do that. The next bus will probably come at least an hour later.

Lovely Chinese New Year picture :0))

asukasakumo January 19, 2010 at 12:44 AM  

Thank you again Yvonne ^^.
Oh, I know the feeling to wait for the bus to come. And usually the most annoying thing is, the bus that you are waiting for came the longest! XD

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