How to work with my mold ^^

>>  20.1.10

These are the tools that i need to make the cookies ^^. They are good for heart cream for your cakes too. The clay is grace and artista (the one that i have in my older photo) mix 1:1. iIf you mix with hearty, you can use less grace. My mold works well with polymer clay too (they can be baked!).

Roll a tiny ball of clay.

Press the clay into the mold.

Scrape off the excess with clay cutter (or you can just use your hand ^^).

Cut tape into 3 pieces: 1 big and 2 small. This is my (lazy) method if you want to make a lot more in a time. Because if you wait until they are dry, you can only work in a batch and wait at least half a day to release them from the mold.

Tape down onto the clay .

Pick and press lightly on the tape to get them out. Do so very gently and try not to press onto the clay (which is not yet dry and could be misshapen).

Tape them down using the smaller tapes. Transfer them to other surface and you can continue to make more from the mold ^^
::warning:: wait at least half a day before you painted on them, so the air dry clay won't loose it's shape.

This is how i colour my cookies (you can see how messy i painted them LoL). If you are making cookies like mine, you will need to cut the bottom part (around 0.5-1 mm) otherwise it will be too thick to glue 2 of them back to back. I didn't make the mold precisely to my cookie, because then you can make cream for your cakes too ^^

I will put up the listing for my handmade mold soon. My mold can be used with polymer clay too (I read the label, that it can be baked and use for real cookie ^^)


Stephanie Kilgast January 21, 2010 at 2:57 AM  

aah the tape's a good idea!
And your mold is lovely :)

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