3 Little Pigs Inspired Goodies

>>  5.4.14

It all started with simple pig cookies. Because they are small and thin, I began to make its packaging (and to display it easier). If any of you follow my instagram, maybe you have seen my other cookies too.

As usual I can't stop at just making cookies. Hehehe XD
Suddenly I have the idea to make 3 little pig houses from cake as well. The straw house made from cheese and wooden house made from chocolate sticks. The brick house was kind of hard to think, because it can be red velvet flavor, and in the end I made sugary jellies to decorate it.

and so here are the complete set

and more snacks; just because XD

the cake "houses" was sliced to reveal the layers

I had already imagine that the background will be the big bad wolf. I was torn at first, whether to draw the big shadowy background, or make a mini wolf doll instead. (maybe one day I will make the doll too XD) But in the end, I draw the background because there's too many things going on already (the cake houses, cupcakes, cookies, and even packed snacks).


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