Planting in egg carton, miniature of course :)

>>  6.4.14

This would be an awesome project in real life. But too bad I don't have "green hand" and I often forgot things. The last time I have my own pot of flowers (for school project) only lasted about a month; just enough until the project all finished. XD
I remember Sans have lots of empty egg carton stacks at her house, which she always justify that she's going to use them in her project.

Anyway I am satisfied with having the miniature version, which will never died off. I am going to put one of them at my kitchen's window.
In my instagram's photo, I have showed little peeks of my latest kitchen. But I am still slowly filling it out, and it constantly become temporary storage for everything ongoing. I just can't feel satisfied decorating (even though it's been almost a year). Does anyone have this problem?

Back to these egg carton...

the bottom side up

when it's still filled with eggs

you can see the previous "closed" version, which I designed

 I was against making the opened version because it would be very thin. And it would always seems too flimsy and fragile. In the end I made it anyway :D
I am supposed to make a baking scene for my kitchen, but as usual, I got distracted XD


PILAR6373 April 6, 2014 at 2:37 PM  

Los cartones de huevos han quedado geniales y las pequeñas plantas se ven muy divertidas!!!

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