Funan Anime Matsuri Belated Report

>>  29.6.14

First of all, I knoooow this is a late blogpost about the event that Snowfern and me did about 2 weeks ago.
Valid reason: I was recovering from bad flu/ cough which turned my voice hoarse (I joked that it is the only time I can say I'm sexy :P) and RL has been hectic on top of everything.
The so-called-real-reason: Nowadays I seems to get lazy at writing. And some things that I considered as fun, but some sensitive people seems to badly misinterpret them.

Back to the main topic, it was a fun event!
As usual, we never expected much to begin with; and we have another joined exhibition, SGDC in November. By lowering our expectation (and trying to calm our nervousness), we enjoy things more happily :)

Again, I thank you for so many people who bought over my tiny creations. I took it as a support for me to keep on doing what I love. So many friends came by to support us, and sorry for our neighbour-booths as we are always the rowdy one (including insulting each other). Hehehe.

My illustrations folder got stranded on the side. The table was much smaller than the one we expected to get from the event organiser. And I end up taking more space than Snowfern, sorry! XD
Am going to start listing my new illustrations on my online shop soon, as soon as I figure out how to display (and still avoiding illustrations-thiefs!). You can view the new illustrations by clicking here. Again, these are NOT free images, as I am THE ONLY ONE who sells my own print. If you find my prints anywhere that are sold anywhere else, kindly inform me and DO NOT buy from them, thank you in advance.

Snowfern's share on Day 1

I am leaving Snowfern's part because I think she's done her report much earlier than me. :)

Please follow me on facebook or instagram for much more faster update on my works. I do try to update on those platform much more frequently (because it is so much easier/ thanks to my lazy side, hehe).


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